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Personal Information:

Senders Information (person ordering)

This is your billing information. It is mandatory to provide this information when if you wish to order from our website.

This is: Your name, Home address, Country, Email Address

Delivery Information

It is mandatory to provide this information when if you wish to order from our website. This is the delivery information for the flower bouquet recipient.

This is: Recipients name, recipients phone number, delivery date, address for sending the flower bouquet, additional delivery instructions, greeting card message.

Customers IP address is also recorded when an order form is submitted our our website. This in the interests of security

Your personal information is sent securely to our payment provider (which could be PayPal or Omise depending on users choice).

We do not give your personal information to any other third parties unless required to do so by law.

We do not pass your personal information to any third parties for the purpose of marketing.

We do not pass your "senders" information to our contractors (only delivery information). So for example when you order flowers the recipient of the flowers will not actually know who sent the flowers unless you specifically state or sign the greeting card message with your name.

Personal information is also included is any follow up correspondence by email or telephone when customers amend or discuss their orders by voice or in writing. This information will be recorded in our personal systems for the purposes of fulfilling our contract.

All personal information is kept in confidence and only shared with persons to whom it is absolutely necessary to fulfil the contract of arranging delivery for the order the customer has placed. Delivery information is sent to our contractors specifically and only for the purposes of delivering the ordered items to the recipient. We only deal with GDRP compliant delivery contractors

All personal information is stored for the minimal amount of time as required by law and is only shared with our staff and contractors for the explicit purpose of delivering the ordered items. We only store the minimum amount of personally identifiable information as is required and personal details are removed from our system as soon as is possible as is required by law

Data protection officer

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SINGAPORE (038987)

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This website uses local first party cookies. These cookies store information in your web browser they are an essential part of how the website operates. This personally identiable information is stored only in the users browser. These cookies do not send any personally identifiable information to any third parties.

For all our transactions we employ Internet security methods and technologies